About the project

«The combination of poetry, music and visual imagery creates a new organic body which audience look closely to.  The visual part of the "Rozdilovi" is so laconic and so firmly attached to the lyrics, literally emerging and growing out of it, that sometimes you can get lost in what exactly you hear and what you see. "Rozdilovi" translate poetry from textual form to touch through the iconic likeness of sign and meaning. Sometimes music complements and supports this dance of voice and characters, sometimes comes to the fore, sometimes almost disappears. All of this together create some other space and emotional state, which is certainly more than the sum of visual performance, music and poetry.»
Lia Dostlieva

«This is maybe the way art is developing in general: it ceases to be very detached. Literature, for example, is no longer just text written on paper. When it comes to visual art, it can often be absolutely textual, where all this textuality has to be discovered. And "Rozdilovi" in this case are pioneers. So, I think it's so difficult to catch this technology, to explain what they are. It is very interesting to look at projects where this transgression of boundaries between different artistic environments takes place.»
Olesya Ostrovska-Liuta

«Our river has now reached a level where islands are already emerging, but bridges can still be drawn through it», – once remarked Serhiy Zhadan, and then hinted that there would be a sea. And so it already is. This is a virtual dimension of "Rozdilovi". Creating a website is not just an attempt at re-imagining, but a new way of the idea's existence. Poetry is correlated with audio-visual images, deploying interaction with the user, who tracks the appearance of new images, texts, sounds. Everything is happening in real time with the ability to go back in time or go deep into the future, or just stop and take a breath, feel the moment.
Yulia Dubova

Olia Mykhailiuk, Kyiv
Director, performer. In the project: idea authorship, text selection, visualization.
Serhiy Zhadan, Kharkiv
Writer, translator, publicist. In the project: original texts, voice.
Oleksiy Vorsoba, Minsk
Composer, accordion player. In the project: original compositions, accordion.
Tomasz Sikora, Wroclaw
Musician, composer, philosopher. In the project: original compositions, saxophone, and soundbox.
Serhiy Pyliavets, Ivano-Frankivsk
Video artist, VJ. In the project: visualization and effects.
Dmytro Lider, Kyiv
A technology entrepreneur, explores the theme of combining of art and technology. In the project: developing and promoting interactive formats.

Project initiator: ArtPole Agency