You’ll never be picked up,
you’ll never be torn free,
your freedom consists of boundaries,
no heavy burdens,
you never listen to me,
you know what I’ll say already,
from this language
all normal words are effaced,
the syntax that was once a saving grace,
into obsolescence long displaced,
if you believe just once,
you’ll believe until the end,
I’m the one
who misses your name and your face,
I won’t let you live the way you wanted
just to spite me,
it’s like I didn’t stop blood for you,
it’s like none of that ever was,
I’ll try anyway, you’ll see,
to at least help you somehow,
I’ll ruin everything anyway,
I’ll reach my aim anyway.
If I throw all your letters away,
You know what I wanted from you.
I wanted everything to be
like you wanted.
I’ll have to keep writing these letters.
I’ll have to accept
that things must pass.
Everything passes on,
not talk about what matters,
about the only thing that matters,
fearing freedom, staying inside borders.
There’s no evading happiness.
There’s no evading happiness.

© Serhiy Zhadan

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