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Multidimensionality opens a new — multidisciplinary — way of translation which in addition to words includes audio/visual images. And now, having been translated into other languages, poetry has a chance not to lose the essential — rhythm, intonation, and pauses.

At the subconscious level — at the level of sounds, feelings, and touches — rozdILovI speaks of love and tenderness, war, limbo and death, revival in memories, laugh and silence, and again — love and tenderness.

Between performances rozdILovI continues to exist in a virtual dimension which is filled with new texts, sounds, and images, following the project’s metamorphoses. Like a time machine, the website allows to explore numerous manifestations of rozdILovI.

Here you can watch and listen to records of different seasons, create postcards from text and visual fragments and share them with friends, turning yourselves into co-participants.

Serhiy Zhadan
writer, translator, and publicist. Several times Serhiy was awarded with national and international prizes (Hermann Lenz, Józef Konrad, Brücke Berlin, Angelus, BBC Book of the Year). He translated works of Rilke, Celan, Brecht, and Miłosz into Ukrainian. Zhadan’s works inspired music compositions, performances, films, and interdisciplinary projects in Ukraine and abroad.
Olia Mykhailiuk
stage director and performer. She is an author of individual works (video poetry, performances, installations) and interdisciplinary projects involving the most popular Ukrainian writers, in particular, Albert or The Highest Form of Execution and Endless Journey, or Eneida with Yurii Andrukhovych, rozdILovI with Serhiy Zhadan.
Aleksey Vorsoba
composer, accordion player, member of numerous creative collaborations. Aleksey is a leader of PortMone instrumental trio, highly marked by experts of authoritative music publications and awards (Stepnoy Volk,, as well as by international festival audience — from Portugal to Iran.
Tomasz Sikora
musician, philosopher, cultural manager, producer. For many years he has been actively involved in a Polish-Ukrainian dialogue and cultural exchange. Together with the Wrocław band Karbido he cooperates with Ukrainian artists.
Serhiy Piliavets, Ivano-Frankivsk
Videoartist, VJ, founder of VJ group CUBE. Serhiy works with music and theater projects. His media works have been on display at contemporary art galleries in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.
Vlad Kreimer
— took part in the project during 2014-17 as a musician and sound producer
Andrea Maria Handler / Vienna
— dancer, playing a leading part in the second part of the performance
Myroslava Ganyushkina and Tetiana Manziuk, ArtPole Agency/Kyiv
— provide comprehensive organizational and ideological support
Mykola Karabinovych / Odessa
— created the visualization of 2014 season and video for the first interactive version
Natalya Perchyshena / Kyiv
— deals with sound, light, video projection and editing
Prose translated by Reilly Costigan-Humes and Isaak Stackhouse Wheeler
Poetry translated by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps